You will find a variety of companies working together at a construction site. This is because,  although the General Contractor will perform some of the tasks, their main duty is to hire and oversee different subcontractors that specialize in specific work so each part of the building process is done by an expert. In this article, we will talk about what type of subcontractors you might find.


Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning
Within the construction field, there are subcontractors that workplumbing, heating, and air conditioning, usually they are better at one of these fields than the others as there is a lot to cover in each of them. But when they specialize in all three of them we know them as mechanical contractors. They are highly skilled and a must when building any project.


Painting and Paper Hanging
All buildings will need good paintwork and paperhanging for both interiors and exteriors. There is when this type of subcontractor comes in. They will paint walls, columns, entire office spaces, will do decorative wall coverings, and more. They don’t do ceilings or roofs as this is a different field.


Electrical Work
We could say electrical subcontractors are one of THE most important subcontractor types there are. This is a very broad field, making them knowledgeable in many disciplines that come in handy while working in electrical installations. They will take care from installing fire/smoke alarms, electrical doors and elevators, to installing telecommunications equipment and cameras.


Masonry, Stonework, Tile Setting, and Plastering
These could easily be four separate categories, as each of the mentioned above require skills and knowledge in specific areas to perform their work. However, they all fall under the same umbrella. They will take care of the construction itself, erecting walls, and columns; Plastering and insulation are very important fields too since most buildings will have a layer of insulation between interior and exterior walls.


Carpentry and Floor Work
This is an essential type of subcontractor. In most cases they are in charge of cabinets, garage doors, frames, and doors, but also take care of the flooring. You will find them at the site from the beginning to the end of the construction work as they also take care of the final trims of the project, making it look finished.


Roofing, Siding, and Sheet Metal Work
Those specialized in roofing, siding, and sheet metal work are important subcontractors at the site. These subcontractors carry out different types of work, some based on architectural metal, installation of skylights; They’re responsible for the roofing, gutter installation, even the ductwork installation or fabrication. Also involved on the design process, this type of subcontractors can work on the installation and manufacture of ceilings, including cladding and metal sheets, they have the ability to manufacture the pieces necessary to complete their work and make the vision of the client a reality.


Concrete Work
We could say this is the most common type of subcontractor there is, therefore you can come across them very easily in any construction project. This, however, means their services are highly requested as they are an important part of the team. Some of them are concrete finishers or do foundations only; Others will specialize in foundations or asphalt work. Labor statistics indicate that the concrete work subcontractors field one of the fastest-growing and filled with opportunities.


Special Trade Contractors
This is a broad category that covers many types of subcontractors; Glass and glazing work, excavation, demolition, steel erection, Iron-workers, excavators, and many more within the group of special trade contractors. Some of them are higher on job demand and importance but all of them have a large room for growth.


This list has the types of subcontractors that you will most likely find at a construction site, however, don’t think it has all of them. There are many others and you will need one or the other depending on the project that you want to build. Construction subcontracting is a vast field and this at the same time allows people interested in specific areas to specialize in what they like and to become experts at it. To be informed on what is out there and having a good idea of the project that you want to build.will help you decide what types of subcontractors you will need.