Most organizations, when they reach a certain level, start thinking about building their own commercial space; This of course, represents an enormous amount of time, money, and energy that needs to be poured into the task. The stress to get everything right the first time can be a bit overwhelming and much of this pressure will come from trying to find the construction company that is the right fit for your and your goals. Working with the right people will have a tremendous impact on the result you are looking for and while there are many criteria when it comes to hiring a company, we have reduced them to what we think are the 3 most crucial tips on what to look for when hiring a new commercial construction firm.

No two projects are the same and each will have its own specific needs when building them, is not the same to build a church than a store or a restaurant. A company with a long and verifiable trajectory of taking projects like the one you have in mind is an easy way to put you on the direction of the right partner, as this will guarantee they will understand the “ins and outs” of the project and answer questions that maybe you didn’t even know you had on the first place.

Coming up with a plan to build your new commercial space is a little challenging at times, especially if you have decided to have different companies working on different aspects your project; The best is always to simplify things by looking for a firm that can take what’s on your mind and take it to completion from start to finish, from the architectural plans to the civil engineering, from the electrical installation to the plumbing, a master of all. This will not only maintain consistency across all areas and reduce time when it comes to coordinate the different tasks of the project but is also, in most cases, cheaper to do. 

This one can be more tricky than the first two. Trust isn’t something you touch or something you see, is more of a bond you develop and that strengthens with time, you can’t trust someone within the first few minutes of knowing them, right?.
While this is true in most cases, the reputation of a firm is a huge indicator of the values they hold and how they treat the relationships they have formed during their business history. This is one of the key, if not “THE” key factor when it comes to selecting your new building partner, the difference between achieving your goals and total failure can lay on the people you choose to work with, and selecting those with a trajectory of excellence will guarantee your success

In short, this is what we propose; Before you sign a new construction company make sure they are experienced on what you are looking for, that they can organize and direct the job from start to finish and that you can trust them with your plan. Take your time to filter your options through this lens and it will definitely make the search easier and will lead you to the right people.